speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece PowerFlex Princess Seam Ultraback Conservative Cut

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ULTRA DURABLE: PowerFlex fabric lasts 5-10x longer than ordinary spandex
FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY: Compression technology increases circulation for faster muscle recovery and chafe-free movement
CHLORINE-RESISTANT: Resists fading, sagging, and bagging

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Make waves in and out of the water in this flattering swimsuit created to keep up with every lap and rep. PowerFLEX construction ensures this style retains its shape and resists the fading effects of chlorine. Figure-enhancing qualities include contoured seaming and muscle compression technology for enhanced muscle recovery. Ultraback design with wide straps and a modest cut for support and freedom of movement. HIGHLIGHTS Muscle compression fabric Bust support Chlorine resistant Conservative leg cut 76% Nylon / 24% Spandex

ULTRA DURABLE: PowerFlex fabric lasts 5-10x longer than ordinary spandex
FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY: Compression technology increases circulation for faster muscle recovery and chafe-free movement
CHLORINE-RESISTANT: Resists fading, sagging, and bagging
NO SLIPS: Lotion and oil resistant material for stay-put coverage
BUST SUPPORT: Built-in medium bust support and cups comfortably hold you in for less bounce and more coverage
ULTRA BACK: Great range of motion with a strap design that supports and stays in place
CONSERVATIVE CUT: Lowest leg cut for more coverage
MATERIAL: 76% Nylon / 24% Spandex

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10 reviews for speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece PowerFlex Princess Seam Ultraback Conservative Cut

  1. William Campbell

    DO NOT BUY THIS SUIT!!!!! I have never been so disappointed in a Speedo suit as I have this one, absolutely the worst suit ever! I swim laps everyday and thought from the description it would last as long as my previous purchased “Moderate Endurance Swim Suit” by Speedo which I have purchased for years & years. I liked what I read about this suit and because it has a built in bra thought “WOW, finally a Speedo with a bra!” WRONG, within 6 weeks it started disintegrating! I liked the black suit and liked it so much I bought a navy suit. So, I don’t wear the same suit 2 days in a row and I soap and rinse it out every day I shower. I use a goat milk based soap so it isn’t harsh at all. Within 6 weeks the elastic started falling apart, it looks like I have white dandruff all over my suit. I thought I was losing weight (I could only hope,) the suit was falling apart. The suit fit so good when I first put it on and for awhile afterwards. I would have sent both back but I thought I couldn’t after 30 days. Will check into returning after writing this review. Girls, save your money, time & frustration – purchase the one I mentioned earlier, you won’t be sorry. If I could give it no stars I would, but you can’t. You get what you pay for. I’m more than surprised that Speedo puts this suit on the market – so much for their QC. Hope the pictures help, both the black & navy are shown.

  2. Bethany Hooks

    This suit is very flattering. I swim laps in preparation for a triathlon and am not quite comfortable enough to wear the standard competition swimsuit – this one is perfect! I am 5’10” and 175 and wear a size 10 pant. I bought the size 12 because I’m on the taller side and it fits great! It has full coverage in the butt which I love and my size D breasts fit comfortably. The cups in the chest are a nice touch for added coverage. The suit does not ride up while swimming, everything stays in place. I wear it 2-3 times a week, I rinse with fresh water and hang to dry and it’s held up great over the months. I definitely recommend!

  3. cynthia

    I’m 5’6 165 lbs and measure 36/ 30 /40 purchased a size 10 fits snug around the hips fairly tight but not uncomfortable, waist is fine, but a tad loose around the under arms and bust. Style and fit like a 1950’s vintage swim suit, also seems to be constructed for women with a slightly larger bust and/or shoulder muscles. Great for curvy girls. If my thighs where any smaller I would go a size down. The top is cut high enough it doesn’t catch water. But in a few months it might. Very modest swim suit, comfortable, and good quality. Would likely fit tall girls of my measurements perfect. Bust is very lightly padded 1/16″ padding.

  4. V.

    Really loved it… until it started disintegrating!? Yep, for apparently no reason, the elastic layer started breaking down. I never put it in a dryer or anything. I have only ever used it in pools (about every other week), and even rinsed off the chlorine every time. Really, really expected better from a $50 name brand swimsuit.

  5. Texas Homesteader

    I’m delighted with the fit and look of this swimsuit. The try on was easy, no strained muscles or popped seams. I’m used to having a little higher coverage on my armpit titties, but my front titties and behimie titties are all tucked in and comfortable. I tried this on while wearing my granny panties, and every bit was covered, woo hoo! I haven’t gone to the pool yet, but I think it will do the trick. My dimensions are 5’10” tall. 52″ bust, 41″waist, and 52″across the fullness of my booty and my marsupial squishy.

  6. Lionel

    Not chlorine resistant at all! I’ve been swimming in this Navy blue Speedo for only 2 months, 3 days a week in a swim masters program. I take a shower every single time and rinse it out and put it in the water remover shaker thingy. I have never put it in the washer or dryer. And yet it still faded horribly! You can see in my pics that it still has some spots where it is darker blue around the straps and croch area.I can’t believe I paid this price for a name brand Speedo and the color didn’t even last a full 2 months! Very disappointed!

  7. g m

    Simple and modest. I’m 5’10”, 162lbs, and size 14 was pretty right on.

  8. Heidi

    I love the shape and fit of this suit when it’s new; however, it doesn’t last more than 5 months. I used the suit from September through January, about 2 times a week. If I swam daily, this suit would last about 1 month. The photos are of a the black swimsuit. It’s discolored, the material between the breasts is stretched, and the butt sags. The discoloring began in the 3rd month. The stretching and sagging began in the 4th month and bubbles would come up the front of the suit and out through the area between my breasts. When I purchased it, it was only $31.99. I wouldn’t pay more than that for this suit since it doesn’t last that long.

  9. Marcia Brubeck

    I bought this suit on the strength of Speedo’s reputation–and the product description. I do deep water running, with a belt and other equipment, five days a week for one hour a day in an indoor chlorinated pool. The black suit I bought did not hold its color (see photos, taken after two or three months [I now forget exactly how long]). The Swim Tools warranty period had expired, so I approached Speedo, which agreed with me that the suit had not performed as promised, and sent me a replacement suit. Unfortunately the replacement suit faded the same way within two months. At least in black, this suit is not chlorine resistant for predictable use in chlorinated pools. I had a secondary issue as well: the straps constrained my arms during a breast stroke. I kept wishing I had a bungee cord pulling the arm bands together across my chest so that my arms could easily move more freely. Speedo has super and friendly customer service, but at a minimum it should reevaluate this suit, at a minimum the dyes used but ideally also the strap configuration.

  10. PTR

    Not worth the time and money. The fibers broke down and faded in less than a month of use. It was never worn without being cleaned in de-chlorinator immediately after use and was always hung to dry. Very disappointed

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