Smart Watch for Men Women,Fitness Tracker with 1.54″ Full Touch Color Screen ,IP67 Waterproof Pedometer Smartwatch with Pedometer Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker for Android and iOS Phones

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★【 IP68 Waterproof &1.54 Inch HD Full Touch Screen】- IP68 waterproof-resistant, can be worn when washing hands and no afraid of rain and sweat when exercise.High sensitive large HD color screen make it easy to operate and give you clear insights to the display.There are 5 stylish clock faces for you to choose from.
★【 Accurate Activity Tracker】- Automatically track your all-day steps,calories, heart rate,sleep stages;Use 10 exercise modes like Run or Ride to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance.This special sport modes give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities.

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Key Features: 1- 1.54 Inch HD Full Touch Screen :Newest HD color screen,clear picture like never before.The sensitive 1.54-inch full-touch screen is easier to control. 2- Camera and Music Control:Easily control your phone to take photos and play music. 3- IP68 Waterproof :You can wear a watch to swim, wash your hands, surf or even take a bath (do not use in hot water) 4- Activity Tracker :Display steps, calorie, distance, heart rate, speed and time duration 5- Heart Rate Monitor :24 Hours continuous heart rate monitoring 6- Sleep Monitor :Automatically monitor and analyze sleep quality 7- 10 Modes :Support 10 sports modes like Outdoor run, Outdoor walk, Outdoor ride, etc. (Select the modes from the watch) 8- Link GPS:Connect smart phone’s GPS to show route in the app 9- Call & Message Reminder:After the watch and phone are connected, the watch can get call, text, smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. 10- Stylish Watch : 5 clock faces to choose from 11- Super Large Battery:One full charge can use 7-10 days 12- Brightness Adjustable :This watch can adjust the brightness automatically according to the environment.You can also adjust the brightness manually and can see the display screen clearly in the sun. Additional Function: ✔ Stop Watch ✔ Timer ✔ Female Health Tracker✔ Wrist Sensor Switch ✔ Up to 20 vibration alarm clocks ✔ Sedentary Remind ✔ Find Phone ✔ Music control ✔Camera control ✔Long Battery Life Specifications: 1- Screen: 1.54″ HD Color Full Touch Screen 2- Control Method:Full Touch Screen and button 3- Working Time: 7-10 days 4- App Name: H Band 5- Wrist Strap Size: 9.68 inch/24.6cm 6- APP Requires: iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above (Smartphone only, not for PC, iPad or Tablet).

Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
★【 IP68 Waterproof &1.54 Inch HD Full Touch Screen】- IP68 waterproof-resistant, can be worn when washing hands and no afraid of rain and sweat when exercise.High sensitive large HD color screen make it easy to operate and give you clear insights to the display.There are 5 stylish clock faces for you to choose from.
★【 Accurate Activity Tracker】- Automatically track your all-day steps,calories, heart rate,sleep stages;Use 10 exercise modes like Run or Ride to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance.This special sport modes give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities.
★【Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones】- Compatible with most iOS 8.2 & Android 4.4 above smartphones to get call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby.The watch has a soft and breathable silicone strap,very comfortable when wearing.
★【More Practical Features】-Female health tracker and reminder, blood pressure function,distance, alarm clock, timer,stopwatch,sedentary reminder, camera and music controller.
★【Long Battery Life & Satisfied Service 】 Approx 2 hours charging time and about 7 days running time. If have any questions about this product,please contact us at anytime.We reply most buyer messages in less than 12 hours.Buy with confidence.

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  1. Meghan

    I got this watch because it has an elliptical mode, and I haven’t found other smart watches that have that feature. So far it works well. It has some weight to it and really looks/feels like an Apple Watch. The wristband is very soft. I have small wrists, and I don’t even have to put it on the smallest band notch. It was very easy to install the app and get everything set up. It’s a good workout watch for the price.

  2. Pedro Degollado

    This item is totally a piece of garbage, never worked since I bought it. I was just using it as a watch to track the time that’s it. After having it for about 4 weeks started pulling at parts and ended up not working at all. $48 dollars plus taxes went to someone else Pockets For nothing.

  3. Balaji Ravi

    Perfect design and quality strap which very flexible, functionality perspective it has everything tracking most of the sports and showing the accurate active minutes.. screen resolution is bit low compare to iproducts, Ultimately worth for Money with all the features.

  4. kulbhushan

    It’s a beautiful smart watch. plenty of battery life, It measure’s heart rate,blood pressure, count your steps, Calories burnt, Multiple Sports options, Find Phone feature, Music controls etc . You can see notifications on your Dial that supports What’s app and Instagram as well. Few amazing features like Heart rate abnormality alert with Heart and Blood pressure surprised me. The App also good and provides the options to choose skin color for better monitoring. I really liked this watch at this price.

  5. mmarks9156

    This is a very comfortable and affordable fitness tracker. The band is very pliable and fits the wrist comfortably. Notifications can be delayed but overall are sent to the watch with no issues. I’ve used this watch for a week hiking and walking and tracked my distance with no issues. The design is very Apple watch inspired and is not too big or small on my 7 inch wrist. Packaging is solid and includes user guide in 5 separate languages.

  6. Christina Dey

    I charged it and the battery lasts for about 31/2 days. My Android only lasted hardly 12 hours.The heart rate monitor and steps are great. It does stop the connection alot and it hard to turn off but I think it’s my internet connection. However overall it is a nice watch. I like it because I always forget my phone somewhere and it keeps track of my steps and has a phone finder. A plus for this absent minded professor.

  7. Sri

    The first impression was that the watch dial is well built and looks durable. It has the basic functionalities of step counter, HR, calories, etc. the step counter was fairly accurate. The app that is needed to pair has the gps capability to tract any outdoor activities. For this price, its a good deal. The band could be better but is easily changeable.

  8. Firas_shatnawi

    This smart watch is very good and excellent. It has all the features you want as an athlete or an average person (heart rate, calorie burnt, step counter). Also in the app you can input your information in order to better following up. I like that it has different sports you can use also to give you the most accurate measure of calorie burning!Above all this, it is a good looking and very neat.

  9. MariA

    I like it because it tracks your steps and it keeps track of your steps and it your heart beats your sleep quality all in one I have high blood pressure and it will tell me when my heart is beating to fast and it a reminder to take my medicine so I don’t have a tack so I’m super glad I got the watch everything is touch screen it came with a protector for the screen so thats cool thanks for reading

  10. russelvai

    I was promised to my son to buy a smart watch as a gift. He chosen this wach. I was little dout about its quality. After delevered it, Me and my son was surpriseed, its amazingly beatiful smart watch. Quality was outstanding. Battary life was so long. Lot of feature on it including health and sports activity which he was looking for. Compare to the price, its the best smart wach in this time.

  11. Masud Ahmed

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     A very stylish watch, helps to a keep track of my daily activities. It also notifies me whenever I get calls and messages in my phone. Battery life is also good enough, with full charge it runs for 3-4 days. Though the sleep monitoring system is 70-80% accurate, it’s worth buying product

  12. Anindya Das Antar

    I think this will be a good watch at low cost for people who wants to keep track of social media notifications and exercise pattern. Liked the stylish design and waterproof feature. However, social media notification fonts and sleep tracking feature can be improved more.

  13. RJ Shiflet

    Less than two weeks and it has two “phantom lines” across the top. I don’t know if I got a faulty unit or if they’re all faulty. Debating returning it for replacement or simply moving on with a refund.I’m certainly not happy after those lines appeared suddenly today. Previously, it seemed like it was going to be a great watch – but not now.

  14. A.K

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     This is very good smart watch . We gave this watch to my father-in-law for his birthday . He likes it and We have to his Heartrate and Blood pressure everyday due some problems . This watch is very helpful for us to check his health history and sleeping time . And , It has good styles and good battery life . It is running more than week for full charge . The features what we expected are working fine in mobile app. So, we are happy . The only problem is, The watch is little heavy and mobile app need to improve few advance features about body temperature and yoga ..etc. But , It is good for middle and old age people.

  15. Neil

    I have been using this watch for almost 1 week now and I love all the features it has on it from BP monitor to steps and workout options are just a few things to list. It even warns you if you have been sitting to long. Battery life is also good.

  16. Sandy Svensson

    First I’ll start by saying the item was well packaged and gives the purchaser the sense that this is a well built product.Second-After opening it and turning it on it had a nice 75% charge which allowed me to get a good idea of what this product was like right out of the box. I don’t know if that is common or if its just coincidence but I appreciated it.Third- After a little trouble getting my phone (which needed to be updated) to pair up with the watch it worked beautifully. All the features worked as described. I do however remain skeptical of the bp monitor since without an actual cuff bp monitors tend to be over sensitive which can throw readings off a bit.The pedometer functions well and keeps up nicely and syncs up with the app on my phone(H band). The only complaint I have is that the Bluetooth range is a little short but since I keep my phone in my pocket most of the time it isn’t much of a problem.In closing, for $39.99 I would say this is a very good product at this price point. It looks cool and seems to be well built and would definitely recommend.

  17. Imran L.

    6 year old wanted a “Apple Watch” just like mama and baba. But I didn’t wanna spend hundreds of dollar on a watch for a 6 year old. He mainly wants it so he can see his step count, time and stop watch. After doing a lot of research i got this for me because it’s good and good on my wallet. I have been literally buying everything on amazon because I don’t want to get out of the house because of this far it’s my son’s fav watch he wears it everyday.

  18. Carrie

    This is my favorite smartwatch. I like everything it tracks, but I like the step tracker, heart rate tracker and sleep tracker the best. I’ve got supraventricular tachycardia so my heart speeds for no reason. I have to check my heart rate multiple times a day so it’s nice having that feature and being able to check my blood pressure on my watch. The app for the watch is also very good. Another favorite part about this watch is the notifications about my social media and texts. I don’t have to pull out my phone anymore to see who texted me. Thank goodness it’s waterproof because I was out in the heat sweating and the watch wasn’t damaged. There has been a couple of nights where the sleep tracker didnt work, but that’s no problem. The battery life is fantastic. I haven’t charged it in 3 days because I’ve had it on constantly and the battery hasn’t died. I’m very satisfied with this watch! Thank you!

  19. Tom from Dallas

    This was bought specifically for my 8 yr old son so a review is based on his usage and liking. I am a 5 yr Fitbit user and I wore this for a few days and I will keep my Fitbit. My fav feature – able to see long text messages. He likes the look, feel, controls and kicking my butt on daily steps. Phone integration was ok and it worked like an older generation iWatch. Not calling or texting without the phone. Screen was clear and good pixel quality. App is just ok and has room to improve but works great for the 8 yr old to sync to his iPad. Overall I would have rated it at about 3.5 but he likes it so much he gave it 5 stars.

  20. KGshopsKC

    First watch arrived with an issue, but the seller was more than willing to address the issue, and sent a new watch, which arrived a couple days later. I’ve said over and over that I’d be happy to return the first watch, but they haven’t required it.All in all it’s pretty simple to use, app is intuitive enough for the basic user, and it does what you would hope for at this price point.It’s not an Apple Watch, but you know that already. This watch looks gorgeous for a fraction of an Apple Watch price!

  21. Kimberly Keim

    I did like this watch when I first recieved it. Then a week later my power button stopped working. So when I would push it so I can see the screen it wouldn’t turn on. I am constantly having to reset my watch through the app just so I can get the screen to work. I have contacted customer service they weren’t any help so when they referred me to the manufacturer. They still haven’t contacted me back. Oh and to also mention the little silver part broke off. So disappointed that I wasted money on this product.

  22. April

    I bought this watch a while ago and its one of the best smart watch i ever gotten the screen is bigger than other watches you can read messages, decline calls, change the song you are listening to on pandora the watch has different screen saver that you can use from its a really good watch

  23. Gaurav

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     Update on 6/4/20:I have been using the watch for more than 10 days and I am impressed by its performance. Its battery life is 3+ days at present with all automated recording of BP and heart rate. Its waterproof works well at least while washing hands which now a days is more frequent.I have been using it for personal alarms and it helps me remind by its vibration. For calls, I can disconnect the call from it which is a good feature as I can disconnect spam calls without reaching to mobile phone. It also provides me updates on every message I get on my mobile which also helps me.Overall, this watch has been really lifestyle changing gadget.————————————————————-This is my first smart watch and I am liking it. Overall, I felt like its good to have smart watch as it helps track steps, heart rate, blood pressure and night sleep pattern. Its accurate in capturing night sleep and heart rate. Blood pressure is near to accurate and steps it measures near correctly. This also provides notifications on All notifications on mobile while choosing selective notification from certain app as well.It is different from other smart watch in market is that this has blood pressure monitoring while others don’t have it.I also liked the wrist move activation of screen which is accurate on activation.Finally, its battery is ok. I have been using it too extensively trying all new features and its battery ran for 3 day. I think with normal use it will last for 5+ day.Its style is awesome and it came in really nice packaging.

  24. M.Avila

    This was my first smart watch purchase. I didn’t want to pay an arm & leg for an apple watch but yet wanted some features of it. The is very well made and is attractive. It comes with a charger, a screen protector and a color manual (multiple languages). Its very easy to set up, you download an app called “H Band” to sync your phone (In my case an Iphone XS Max). It has quite a few features to monitor your physical activity/calorie counter (From Running, Walking, Riding a bike, Stepper, Elliptical and Rowing) along with Checking your heart rate and your blood pressure. It also monitors your sleep.The one feature I LOVE is the “Find Phone” as I turned my phone on silent then misplaced it but with a simple press of the button your phone will make an audible noise to locate it – Priceless is my eyes!While you can’t take a call or text from it, it notifies you of incoming calls and texts. You can also sync your email if you use Gmail. You can also sync with a host of other Apps (ie: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc)Along with being IP68 water proof rated (Not a diving watch) this watch is perfect for those looking to enter the smart watch world looking for awesome features at an awesome Price.

  25. Charlotte

    This watch is really great! I knocked off a star because it doesn’t do the weather, which was my fault for not noticing even after watching a video on the watch. But I’m still really glad I got this watch. Especially after my last $50 smart watch experience. This one is super great. So far I have worn it 4 days and it’s gone down to half battery. I did charge it again, but the battery lasts a long time. I like being able to track my heart rate and blood pressure, and especially my sleep and the app H band is really great with all of that. I also knocked off one star because it is kind of hard to see in the sun, but only a minor nuisance because this watch is 100% water proof. I haven’t worn it swimming yet, but have read that you can. I have worn it in the shower and it works perfectly! I also like the bands and how you get them on and off. Although the charger is pretty short, but that’s ok because I had already bought a longer connection cord with my last smart watch that did not work. All in a all this is a great smart watch for about $50!

  26. AN

    I liked my wife’s Apple Watch, but I do not wear a watch usually and was hesitant to buy a $500 watch. I thought of buying a cheaper watch to get used to wearing a watch regularly. I came across this one and to my surprise this worked out great. It has fantastic battery life of around 5-7 days, the looks are good although the strap is a bit small, hr and bp monitor feature are food as well.I would have loved to get option for a longer wrist strap

  27. Duane Sorenson Jr.

    So I recently went to Walmart to look at smart watches. I liked the Fitbit and the Apple Watch but those were between $150-$200 depending on the models. My price range for now is around $50 and so after looking on Amazon I found the Rundoing brand. It has good reviews so I am giving it a chance. I basically just want a watch with a few options for the face, a pedometer, and heart rate monitor. Of course it’s nice that it syncs up with my iPhone so I know about phone calls and text messages. Eventually I think I will get an Apple Watch, but for my price range this watch should do the trick.

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