Aleumdr Womens Blouson Striped Printed Strappy T-Back Push up Tankini Top with Shorts

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Stretchy,breathable,soft smooth fabric
Pull On closure



Stretchy,breathable,soft smooth fabric
Pull On closure
Summer Beachwear Beach Blouson Striped Printed Tankini Set Boyshort Two Piece Swimsuit
Halter U-neck,chic blouson striped at neckline and strappy T back
Sporty bikini top with soft bra paddings,adjustable straps
Suitable for casual beach,water sport,pool party or vacation
Package Contents: 1 X Swimsuit(Top & Bottom)

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11 reviews for Aleumdr Womens Blouson Striped Printed Strappy T-Back Push up Tankini Top with Shorts

  1. Gina

    I love this tankini. I wasn’t sure if I should get the large or xl because I was in between the two sizes. I’m 5’1 38D and 155 lbs. I ended up getting the xl. The fit is a little loose but in a good way. The band on the top is a little loose but comfortable, the straps fit perfectly and the bottoms fit great. I’m really glad I bought the xl otherwise I think it would have felt too tight and restricting. This will be nice for lounging all day at the beach and it offers the coverage I was looking for. It’s longer on me because I have such a short torso, but I like the longer length. I washed and dried it the first time and it was fine. Next time I’ll wash it and let it air dry. It’s very comfortable and hides all my flaws. The only slightly annoying thing is that the band on the top rolls under but I think it’s just because it’s a little loose. It’s not uncomfortable or anything and not really an issue. I love the teal color. It’s one of my favorite colors. I would definitely buy more in different colors.

  2. Sany123

    I am very, very happy with this swim suit! I am in my 60’s, and even when I was younger and thinner, I still didn’t wear bikinis or swim suits that showed way too much. So, while in my 60’s, NO WAY! At. All. When you look at prices of swim suits, it kind of stuns you when you see them priced at $70, $80, or over $100! I mean, no way is any creation of a swim suit going to hide all that much flab and cellulitis!! So when I saw this swim suit at such a economical (OK, cheap) price, I had to buy it. I figured that even if it was poorly made, it would last a few months. BUT it WAS NOT POORLY MADE! It’s as well made as any department store swim suit I’ve bought in the past for twice or more of the cost. I couldn’t make myself take a picture of myself in it. But it comes in two pieces. The top has a bra built in, and the blouson part goes over that. One thing I have to say is: It is not the easiest suit to put on or take off. That’s it’s only detriment. The second part is the boy shorts. The blouson top does NOT balloon over your stomach to make you look fat. It lies flatly very nicely. Actually, it is pretty flattering. I am VERY PLEASED!

  3. Amazon Customer

    This is adorable! We are going on a cruise this summer and go to the lake on the weekends. I will feel comfortable in this suit… finally! The bottoms make me feel very covered. I have not worn boy shorts before, and I didn’t know how I would like them. They make me feel so comfortable though! I ordered 4 swimsuits and am sending 2 back. I’m thinking of ordering another! I bought an xl. I weigh 190 and am 5 ft 3.

  4. Angela

    Super cute suit! I feel completely covered without it being matronly.I am an hour glass shape with a little more pear! 🤪 So the bottoms could have been a bit larger for me but if I’d gone up a size the top would have been to big. I would have liked the rise to be a little higher on the bottoms but it wasn’t anything worth returning it over, just a personal preference. Overall a cute suit, and I would definitely recommend!

  5. Nature lover

    I want to love this suit, it’s modest and it fits well. The only problem is the pink color comes out all over everything when the suit is wet. I washed it once by hand before wearing it, and a lot of pink came out then, but I thought I had gotten most of it. Wrong. I went to the beach on a warm day, and after swimming I sat in a beach chair with a white towel behind my back. The pink dye bled all over that towel! When I got home I hand washed it in hot water (I had used cold water the first time) and more pink kept coming out. I don’t think it’s done running pink dye yet, because when I hung it on the shower to dry, it made a pink puddle on the shower floor. When is this color going to stop bleeding out? I’m so glad I didn’t wear this in a hot tub, I would have colored the water pink!Update: I have washed this in the sink 3 more times, hanging it to dry between washes. I then wore it to the beach, went for a dip in the ocean in it, and when I got home washed it in the sink yet again. The dye is still coming out enough to tint the rinse water pink. I don’t think this suit will ever stop bleeding pink dye. It’s a pity, because it’s a great bathing suit other than the color bleeding every time it gets damp.

  6. Amazon Customer

    8 months pregnant & ordered a XL. Fits perfect. I loveeee it !!!

  7. A. Waugh

    It’s pretty enough for this old lady and the fit is good. I don’t think my breasts give it as much as what it’s built for but still, it’s comfortable and looks smooth. I only wish the bottoms had a liner in the crotch area because the seam there rises just where you don’t want it to. I will wear undies under it.I haven’t been swimming in this yet so I can’t say if the colors stay put or not.I am 73, weigh 135 lbs., and 5 feet, 4 1/2 inches tall. I ordered a LargeI have been invited to go on a cruise and needed swimwear. This will do the trick…along with slathers of sunblock.

  8. Jane Twain

    Nice thick material. Seems well made. I ordered medium and it fit. One feature not advertised is that the bra portion is not attached to the tank inside so this would make a great swimsuit for a nursing mom. Been there done that! The shorts provide complete coverage and are comfortable.

  9. Teresa D.

    Its modest and cute and comfy

  10. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely love this swim top! Hesitate on which size to buy bc I’m not a small lady. My biggest issues I have when buying suits are trying to find something that will fit around me without being so tight and supporting my breast. Usually I buy something and it fits my breast fine but it’s to tight every where else. Then if I go up a size it fits perfect but my breast aren’t supported. This suit fit me great! Support is great and comfort is great! I’m 5’6” at 190lbs. Material is great!

  11. Robin

    After lots of reading reviews and looking at pictures I decided to give this suit a try. It had free returns so worst case I could send it back. Fortunately it fits great. I got the XL and I’m 5’6 215lbs. I’m small on top and big on bottom so I was worried about both pieces fitting. The tip is perfect and while the bottoms are a little smaller than I would normally pick they cover well and look good.

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